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You want to perform at a higher level, break plateaus in performance, and care for your body naturally. Decisions, workouts, and products you use in and on your body can move you towards your goal. Products such as dōTERRA essential oils can optimize cellular function naturally within the body resulting in improved oxygen uptake, decreased inflammation, increased circulation, and cellular repair. Are you ready to improve or rehabilitate your own performance or the performance of your athletes? Visit us at the expo to learn more about dōTERRA essential oils and wellness products.



We are at booth 1745. Come by to experience essential oils for yourself and customize a plan to incorporate dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils for your athletes.


John and Amanda Olsen

John coaches soccer in Boise, Idaho and loves helping his team stay well, recover from injury, and stay focused and motivated long into the season. Amanda was accidentally run over by an elderly driver as she stood on a church sidewalk. She has learned how to manage long term pain as a result of injury. One of her favorite go-to’s for pain management are essential oils because of their quick-acting effectiveness. She now advocates these solutions to other pain sufferers and enjoys teaching workshops to parents, athletic trainers, PT’s, chiropractors, and players in the field. 

doTERRA Diamond Leaders

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Oneida Cohen

Oneida is a mother of 3 young athletes and is passionate about using dōTERRA essential oils and wellness products to help her children prevent injury, recover from injury, avoid sickness, and stay focused and motivated. Oneida enjoys educating others on how they too can help their athletes achieve their highest potential using natural and organic essential oils.

doTERRA Gold Leader

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"I love the changes I am seeing with all our teams as they continue to use the products and learn more. We’ve seen a difference in the general atmosphere of our training rooms and our athletes are experiencing the benefits of essential oils thanks to dōTERRA ."

-- Director of Sports Medicine, NCAA Division I